Our travels in our vintage '67 vw bus

Ozzie on the Road

This took a little while to make happen. I think about a year and a half between playing with the idea and the actual pursuit. Yet actually doing it in some ways was kind of impulsive.

When work was good I’d actually been searching for a 1967 VW bug convertible. Red with a black top. Had to be that year and that colour combo. I did find a couple of them online and contacted one of the sellers to get more info. But over the last few years work was slowing down (and honestly, I wasn’t doing much to find any.) However the monthly bills and mortgage kept coming and I really had to start thinking about what I should do next.

So I changed the search and began looking for a ’67 VW split window, walk through pop-top camper. Also called a T2, as it was the second VW after the Beetle. Not easy to find and not cheap either. I convinced myself that once through the initial (big) costs that that would give me an inexpensive life style that included travel and a way to avoid snow and the dreaded salt.

More on all this as we go.

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