A quick tour of the camper, officially a samba SO42 type 2. I'll likely make a better version soon.

Mar 04/16 - Staying at an oceanside site near LAX and Marina del Rey, Oz gets his toes wet in the Pacific.

Feb 27/17 - Our stop in Santa Cruz.

Sept 25/16 - Volkfest, Bayfield, Ontario. Dozens and dozens of campers, buses, bugs, ghias, things and more. A really good day. So many people! So many times saying "It's a '67."

Oct 07/16 - A drive along HWY 60 through Algonquin Park, Ontario. Or some of it. The cameras packed along the way, and they all had different file dates, which makes it harder to sync up. Still, a nice drive on a sunny day.

Jan 09/16 - The rain came along mid-afternoon. Wet car, wet dog, wet me. The forecast says it's over in about 40 minutes.

​Ozzie's food bowl outside has at least an inch or so of water in it.

May 05/17 - Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior Provincial Park, way up on the north shore. This is a great drive.

Sometime just before Christmas I accidentally left the GoPro rolling and discovered what Oz does when I'm out of the car. Offered to those who need something to get them to sleep.

Mar 13/16 - Our stop in Big Sur was a soggy one.

Sometime just before Christmas I accidentally left the GoPro rolling and discovered what Oz does when I'm out of the car. Offered to those who need something to get them to sleep.

Nov 29/15 - We went from the KOA campground we were staying at and drove to Virginia Beach to hang out for a while.

​Dicey Audio. I'll work on that. You might prefer turning it down for now.

May 24/16 - The Big Nickel in Sudbury. For my sister Trish.

Jan 15/16 - Old Pavilion is a very basic, inexpensive site. But it's by the water and the view is great.

Jan 07/18 - A ferry crossing between Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island at the bottom of Alabama

Feb 28/17 - Stopping for a stretch along the PCH. This is near Pescadero

May 14/16 - Back in Ontario, stopping in Kenora.

May 16/16 - I've always lived in Ontario, but this is my first time north of Superior.

Jan 14/16 - We're working our way up the gulf (west) side of Florida, now on an island called Cedar Key. Here's a walk-about of Sunset Isle RV Park and Motel (4 rooms - book early).

Apr 19-22/16 -  3 clips from the "roof cam". Another tunnel, another bridge, and the Rockies in sight.

Dec 26/16 - Five nights at a place called Ho-Hum, near Caravelle, Fl over Christmas. May be my longest stay anywhere so far, and quite enjoyable.

May 21/16 - More big rocks on the roadside heading for the Soo,

Apr 10/16 - We enter Canada through Douglas, BC (the Peace Arch). It's where HWY I-5 (US) becomes HWY 99 (BC) and leads up through Surrey to Vancouver.

Apr 26/16 -  This is part of the run from Revelstoke to Golden, BC. A wonderful drive if you're not in a hurry.

Dec 17/16 - Knowing you're getting hammered with winter up north only makes places like this even better. Cheers.

Mar 19/16 - We spent a good part of our final day in San Fransisco tooling around the town. Here's our approach to, and crossing of Golden Gate Bridge.

Dec 30/17 - Ho Hum Park at Carrabelle, Florida. Land of the giants.

Mar 08/17 - Traveling on the Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt State Park, CA.

Mar 12/16 - Heading up the Pacific Coast Highway where there's oodles of chances for views like this.

I'll add or change up clips as we go!

June 26/17 - Good lord. Haven't posted since April! Here's poor old Oz hobbling around. He's a trooper.

From Feb 13, Gila Bend, AZ. Just a walk through a basic camp we stayed at on the way to California.

Sep 02/17 - Alternative transportation. This thing is getting around better than our main wheels just now. My sister sent me that wind up.

Apr 26/16 - Ozzie's a big part of our car security. Go ahead, stick your arm in.

Ozzie on the Road

APR 24/17 - Part of our drive through the Canadian Rockies.

That's Relaxed.

Apr 24/17 - Way back on March 02, we were driving up the Pacific coast

Nov 21/16 - Mumbling grooming excuses on a windy day at Myrtle Beach.

Apr 27/16 - We stopped at this rest stop on the Trans Canada not too far out of Banff.

No date. Just looked back to remember when the boy was full of beans. About 18 months ago. Age slowly marches along.

A contrast to the last clip.

Mar 02/17 - I drove all this way just to avoid this stuff!

May 3/18 - Yoho National Park of Canada.

​Big mountains, tiny town.

Our travels in our vintage '67 vw bus

May 24/16 - Our drive to the Big Nickel in Sudbury, ON.

Nov 16/16 - Hicks VW, Durham, NC. George and Bob raise my back end another 2". Don't go there.

Feb 28/18 - Jalama Beach, Lompoc, CA.

May 01/16 -  Outside of a town called Bassano, Alberta.

Back on Feb 05, we encounter our first Boarder Patrol checkpoint. Oz was helpful as always. And thankfully the guys in the back stayed under the blanket.

APR 10/17 - Working our way east through the Rockies, a muddy stopover just outside Revelstoke, BC.

Jan 25/16 - Oz is in the French Quarter and inspires a song.

Sometime in March - I finally got this one up. First time, YouTube nixed saying the audio (the songs from my iPhone in the background infringed copyrights. Hence the canned music. Maybe mute and shuffle your own music. Best to watch when you just want to stare blankly and zone for 48 minutes or so.

Mar 24/16 - Heading up the Pacific Coast Highway, this is our first pit stop as we go through Redwood State and National Park

Nov 21/16 - A brief walk about at Myrtle Beach.

Mar 06/17 - I drove all this way just to avoid this stuff!